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How To Lose Pounds & Inches With Green Coffee Bean?

If you are a health enthusiast or a dieter, you would have already heard about Green Coffee Bean Extract for weight-loss. If not, then this can be an important piece of information for you. According to a latest study by a group of scientists from University of Scranton, go to website Green Coffee Bean Extract can help to reduce excess fat accumulated in body. The study was presented in a conference at American Chemical Society. Green coffee Bean Extract is made from unroasted and raw beans of coffee plant you can look here.

How does Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract help to reduce weight?


Weight-loss properties of Green Coffee Beans are attributed to the presence of an active compound known as Chlorogenic acid. It is a phenyl-propanoid, read more which is present in large amount in green beans of coffee plant. It plays an important role in free-radical elimination, anti-inflammation and infection control. Recent studies have also confirmed anti-oxidant properties of Chlorogenic acid. It decreases the absorption of glucose in body, which regulates the blood-sugar level in blood. In combination with these functions, more it speeds up the overall metabolic activity of body.

How much pounds can you lose with Pure Green Coffee?

Well-known nutritionist Dr Lindsay Duncan recommends a dose of 800 mg of Pure Green Coffee Beans twice a day. One should not take more than two capsules a day. Studies showed that 16 overweight people who took regular dose of Pure Green Coffee lost about 17 pounds of weight each. Generally, you do not have to change your diet and exercise regimes when taking Pure Green Coffee bean for weight-loss. However, if you live a sedentary life and do not get time to go to gym, you can opt for moderate yoga sessions at home explanation.

What precautions must be taken while taking Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract?


Pure Green Coffee contains some amount of caffeine so care must be taken if a person has low tolerance towards caffeine. Pregnant and nursing women should take advice from physician before taking this extract for losing weight. There are numerous brands in market, which are prepared using different standardizations. So, while choosing the extract, you must pick the right brand. Never invest in products, which contain high amount of caffeine as they might produce some side-effects. Check the label of your product to know about its specifications. Once these precautions are taken care of, you can say that you have chosen the right product for weight-loss!

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